The Linnaeus Competence Center Hemp is new both from the conception and thematically. This offers the chance to set up the individual and the entrepreneurial activity in such a way that the work processes and the organization of the work can be arranged independently, agilely and to a large extent hierarchy-free.

We are concerned that management tasks in particular, but also project tasks, can be performed in a goal-oriented, flexible and rotational manner. In the research area in particular, we strive for a synergetic connection to university research, which is also reflected in flexible work and employment models.


All activities of the Linnaeus Competence Center Hemp focus on the added value for society. As a research and development unit, the competence center is part of a bioeconomic value chain that aims to build up and establish a new industry sector.

We welcome unsolicited applications, where we are mainly interested in your motivation and your ideas about how you would like to make an impact or shape your job. Please send your application to the following email address:

Specific job offers:

The organization and structure of the Linnaeus Competence Center Hemp are subject to a development process, which is naturally changeable. The current structure can be found here.

At the moment we are in a phase of designing job characteristics. At this point you will find concrete job offers at a later time.


The Linnaeus Kompetenzzentrum Hanf gGmbH offers students the possibility of a student internship (compulsory internship) in various areas of responsibility starting in the winter semester 2022/2023.

The assignment possibilities within the non-profit research institute vary according to the level of education and according to university regulations.

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