The Institute

The Linnaeus Competence Centre Hemp:

The research institute based in Zittau is named after the Swedish natural scientist Carl von Linné. With his “Systema naturae” (1735) and the binary nomenclature he developed from Latin genus and species names (1753), the Swedish natural scientist created more than 250 years ago the standardised and systematised foundations for biology that are still used today.

Hemp was first published under the Latin name “Cannabis Sativa L.”. The “L.” after the designation stands for the fact that Linnaeus himself introduced this term and not later generations of researchers.


The competence centre is intended to tie in with the long hemp tradition of the Lusatia region.

The purposes of the non-profit organisation are:

  • the promotion of applied science and research and
  • the promotion of education, popular education and vocational training.

The Research Institute is divided into two areas dedicated to the two thematic fields of commercial hemp and medicinal hemp.

In addition to the initial structural set-up, the research institute’s work will focus on application research, product development, certification and knowledge transfer with regard to the cultivation and further processing of hemp.