Advisory Board


Pursuant to clause 7 of the Articles of Association, the shareholders have decided to appoint an honorary company advisory board consisting of up to 11 members, which has an advisory function only.

The members of the advisory board are appointed for a period of 3 years, whereby reappointment is possible.

The members of the advisory board should be professionally and personally suitable for the office of an advisory board member and should also have knowledge of the industry and its specific field.

Mission and Objectives:

Based on the expertise of its members, the advisory board essentially advises the management and shareholders on strategic issues. These also include questions about future and existing investments of the company and upcoming investment decisions.

The executive management is not bound by the resolutions or resolution recommendations, but is obliged to give detailed and qualified reasons for a deviating decision to the shareholders and the advisory board.

Members of the Advisory Board:

(Status: 03 March 2023)

Dr.-Ing. Susanne Bartholomé
Research and Development Engineer in Construction
Chairwoman, Hanffaser Geiseltal eG

Evelyn Bodenmeier
Expert for in-corporate education
Expert for participation processes

Maren Krings
Hemp expert,
Expert for professional development (CVET)
Book author, photographer, filmmaker

Judith Wittkop
Pedagogue, vocational training expert
Expert in curricular development

Dr. Norbert Höpfer
Natural building expert (circular construction),

Tim Künzel
Hemp expert, trainer
Managing Partner, HempConnect GmbH