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Research, development and education always cost money. In the field of hemp, this makes particular sense and your donation is particularly effective.

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Climate plant hemp:

Hemp – science agrees – is the climate plant.

In Germany, a lot of knowledge has been lost for 80 years. Since 1996, the cultivation of commercial hemp has been allowed again, and some research has been done since then. Nevertheless, this is not enough to establish a hemp industry in Germany that can compete on a global scale.

With the help of your donation to strengthen the climate plant hemp, we can change that. You can see how we work with your donation here.

Whether food, paper, building material or clothing – many products from our everyday lives can be made from hemp. Industrial hemp is the raw material for building materials, industrial materials, food and textiles, but also part of the solution to our current climate crisis.

As a raw material, hemp is CO2-negative. As a climate plant, hemp stores immense amounts of CO2. At the same time, hemp requires less water than other plants and is relatively resistant to drought. This can counteract a climate-related loss of value of agricultural land.