Product development

Product development as a key:

Without further processing of the raw material, there is no cultivation. And vice versa: without cultivation of the climate plant hemp, no further processing. And on top of that: without products, no added value.

The development of products into which hemp can be further processed and make a significant contribution to climate protection is the key to further processing.

Reducing dependencies with hemp:

Hemp can be used in literally every economic sector, whether as an intermediate or end product. The possible applications run into the tens of thousands. Almost everything that is produced from fossil raw materials (e.g. plastics, intermediate products for the chemical or pharmaceutical industry) can be replaced by hemp.

Natural fibre-reinforced plastics with hemp, technical fibres, spinnable cellulose also offer excellent alternatives in the hi-tech sector.

It is also worth taking a look at history, regional cultures and traditions, especially because hemp was once a major economic factor in Germany.

We are convinced: the climate plant hemp will become such a factor again, because “it is impossible to produce waste with hemp” (Dr. Wilhelm Schaekel, organic and hemp farmer from the Prignitz region in the Federal State of Brandenburg).