For the Linnaeus Competence Center Hemp, a team of researchers, technicians, artists, developers and experts will work in the management of the non-profit company.

Essential commonalities of our team are the interest in the promotion of sustainability, high initiative as well as positive attitude towards life and motivated commitment.

Unsolicited applications or applications in response to job advertisements are possible here.

Mode of operation:

The way of working in the Linnaeus Competence Center Hemp is characterized by practical orientation. By focusing on applied research, combined with product development, certification and – especially professional – knowledge transfer / education, we achieve a systemic thinking and acting in contexts, which is one of the core characteristics of sustainable development.

In turn, the core characteristic of our work is partnership-based cooperation in the sense of Goal No. 17 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Only this enables fruitful synergies, acceptance and qualitative growth.

With our work and our diverse activities, we strengthen the educational basis for this, help shape social cohesion, work on the revitalization of rural areas and create value based on the natural regenerative capacity of resources.

The departure into a sustainable future succeeds through sustainable solutions. We will find these when we, among other things:


  • thinking processes comprehensively and – above all – to the end;
    be aware of the effects of our actions;
  • creating decentralized structures that are resilient / robust;
  • promoting openness and diversity;
  • using our resources sparingly;
  • interacting respectfully with nature;
  • setting processes in motion even once selflessly, without having to / being able to profit from its results;
  • knowing when something is enough or sufficient.