Certification for industrial application:

In order for product developments made from hemp to be able to successfully assert themselves on the market across the board and generate (regional) added value, they must meet the industry’s requirements in terms of quality and standards. This increases the competitiveness of hemp products also within Europe. Certifications are a tool for the transfer of product innovations to marketability.

Standards and norms:

Certification is always based on certain norms and standards. Norms and standards specifically for hemp products are still in their infancy in Germany or do not exist at all. In many economic sectors or areas of application, certification is necessary for quality reasons alone or with regard to compliance with certain material properties for the intended use.

In order to structure, promote and, not least, accelerate the transfer of hemp products into application, the Linnaeus Hemp Competence Centre will participate in the development of future standards for materials and products made of hemp within the framework of expert group work in the relevant standards committees at DIN.